Getting Better

I really believe that 343 is working hard to fix the game they shipped, and they are succeeding. One of the biggest things I like is the weekly update, it helps them hear what the community needs. All the glitches that are reported are either being worked on or fixed, we wanted a ranking system, hello 2013 and a new skill system, we want smaller maps, this past bulletin made it clear that they are working on it and the maps should be available next year. Slayer Pro is being revamped for the competitive side of the game, Grifball should be here soon, File Share is going to be up and running early next year.

Thank you 343 for listening to us, this game has so much potential to be a fantastic game, it’s just a diamond covered in dust. Looking forward to what lays ahead, and at this rate, I can trust you guys to make halo games for the future.

Same here, I can tell they are working on finalizing all the aspects of the game, and working on tweaks for anything that has a legitimate complaint.

I love the game at its core and its quite superb, and the additional content added to the sandbox in general is quite good.

diamond covered in dust?
more like -Yoink- covered in dust. How can you ship out a game without -Yoink- working?

I have to say that the graphics for the maps are phenomenal, it’s just that the maps are too large and have too many nooks and places to hide or find cover. I can only imagine how awesome the small symmetrical maps will look with this fantastic graphical design.

I disagree, 90 percent of the game was working great when it was shipped, but now with the weekly updates that percentage is increasing.

I don’t know, I haven’t heard anything about the glitch where there’s no Falcon or Hornet in Forge, or where zombies can only carry swords, or where a huge percentage of custom games options disappear.

I also haven’t heard anything about the glitch where all precision weapons completely destroy vehicles in seconds, or where Splattering does absolutely nothing. Or what about the one where weapons despawn 4 times as fast as they should?

I haven’t heard anything about any of these “glitches.”

Huge difference between Zombies, and Flood forms. There are gametypes that let Humans(Zombies) carry whatever they want, I have two in my own files actually.

When did Matchmaking Infection ever let Zombies use anything but a damn Energy Sword, get over yourself. Atleast they took the time to make a actual realistic Infected form to play with that related to Halo.

None of that mess you listed was ever even confirmed in the game, another lie to rack up on your board.