Getting beat down after 1 BR burst

Going to keep this short it seems to me beatdowns are very inconsistent. I’ve been getting beat down after somebody shoots me with one burst from their BR sometimes I 3 burst somebody and only their shields go down.

  • Has any1 else had this happen to them?

I’ve had unexplained lightning quick deaths in this game, but I always figured I got shot with something else off-screen at the same time. it’s really hard to tell in the moment during game-play due to sound coming from anywhere off-screen being borderline silent, a bug I’ve already submitted a ticket for.

If there’s one problem with the sandbox that needs addressing first it’s melee. It’s been made super inconsistent, sometimes there is a lunge and other times there isn’t. The biggest factor however is a lack of enemy collision. You can, and often will step inside of someone rendering your melee a miss even though it looks like you’re hitting them. With how powerful and how often fights turn into melee duels, I think this game would be better off without bleedthrough to encourage people to not just run at each other swinging.


Agreed, melee need some serious attention. I’ve exp plenty of one burst and instant melee deaths even though I popped the other persons shield and was going for the clean up. And then theirs the melee lunge that’s also very inconsistent. Sometimes you have to be right on them and some times you fly at them.


You would never know with those annoying wind streaks that look like bullets.

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insta dying to the pistol has become the only thing I am good at in the game :joy:

For some reason I just don’t notice the damage indicators much of the time, I ended up turning rumble back on to at least let me know when I get shot in the back, not that I can turn around fast enough to challenge before dying anyway.

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You can turn those off in the settings, they’re called “speed lines”.

This is my issue - definitely not as easy as it used to be to notice how much damage you’re taking; will take some getting used to

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I think removing melee bleed-through shields would be counterproductive to your intentions, because a player could just rush you down with melee and you would not have any quick way of retaliating and you’re basically lost. It’ll be more of a detriment to the defender rather than the attacker, not the other way around, and thus that would inadvertently encourage rushing in with melee more so than not.

Got shot twice with the sidekick, then smacked so hard I died of death.

I frankly don’t understand why this game is so inconsistent