Getting banned from Xbox live for an hour

Why should I be penalized for players who aren’t good enough to keep up the teamwork or who don’t even try to be a team? All they do is mess around, go lone wolf, and cause me to get a defeat record for something I never did or didn’t want. I try my best and hardest every game to win and I hate losing so anyone who doesn’t try to win, I dislike right off the bat. It’s not hard to stay together and defend your territory just hold it together and fight back plus don’t quit ever but instead I get stuck with people who don’t try, quit, and run away to do their own thing which cause me to lose and get a record I don’t deserve because I’m trying my best out there and they’re not so I leave that game so I don’t that defeat record on my profile stats but instead I get penalized for an hour for not wanting a defeat title. Shouldn’t the players that never try or mess around be penalized because they’re not helping win the game which is the whole purpose of the game? It’s unfair, anti-just, and I want it be fair for once! I think players should be classified with players equal or equivalent to an individual players stats so they’d have a winning chance even certain players mess around… Thanks for your time, much obliged!


I do feel your pain, the problem here is that you quit TOO many games.
One or two games won’t hurt(although it can be very unfair to the other players), but this is caused by having maybe around five quits out of 7 for example.

If you are truly skilled enough, you can easily beat the entire enemy team, however if you aren’t that good, then you basically need to endure the slaughter fest or quit very FEW times.

Sadly there is no way to detect those kinds of trollers unless they get 0 kills (or derankers).

Either way, have patience and play until the very last minute to see if things go your way. If not, then try to do that(quiting) as little as possible.

212 victories, 200 defeats, and 186 incomplete games. You’re ditching approximately one game out of every three and frankly, were I to find myself teamed with you, I’d find that large number of incomplete games to be far more troubling than your loss record. I can at least assume that if you lost, you stuck til the end and tried to win; can’t really say the same for a DNF.

Does it suck to get grouped with a bunch of people who don’t try, don’t cooperate, of just try their hardest to troll the rest of the team? Absolutely.

On the other hand, it really sucks to get grouped with people who will straight up abandon you if things aren’t going their way.

Just because the game gets off to a bad start doesn’t mean you can’t turn it around and win. I’m a pretty terrible player, but I’ve seen a crapton of games get off to such a lousy start that I just know we’re going to lose…and then somehow, magically, we pull ahead and win. If I had left when I first got that bad feeling in my gut…

Learn to stick with it; only ditch if it’s really bad (everyone but you has already left), or something important comes up and you have to bail. If nothing else, look at the odds being stacked against you as a way to improve your individual skills in ways the campaign or spartan ops can’t.

Quit bans are not a solutions. I blame it for making large number of Halo player to quit.

Nobody like being punished for in real life for playing a game. It makes less sense with Halo 4 since the game has a Join in Progress (JIP) system.

Give players a reason to stay and finish the games. If the alternative is to ban players for quitting, well they’ll just move to titanfall or BF or COD… a game that does not stop you from playing it.

Yes quitting sucks, but so does a fairly new game with a low online population.

Anyone that quits 1 out of 3 games deserves a ban. Anytime you quit frequently - you deserve a ban. I know I myself am not the best, but the one time i received a quit ban i technically deserved it (my beef was with getting every match of slayer be snipers. if i wanted to play snipers, I’d play snipers. dont put me into a snipers match when i pick slayer. also dont put me back into a game i quit from for a REASON)

They are quite lenient with the quit and betrayal bans.

If you quit 1 out of 3 games you definitely deserve a ban