Getting banned for things I don't do.

I usually never leave games. A week ago I did leave maybe 2 and it banned for a while. After that i didn’t leave one again. 2 days later I got banned for 1 day and 3 hours. I did NOTHING. Once that cleared away I played again and I have good connection but today it kicked me out of a game. Just one game. Not my problem. So I got home to play another round and I saw I was banned for about 16 hours. I’m getting really tired and fed up with this. Please fix it now.

I count on the first page of your arena history that you had 1 DNF today, 2 yesterday, and another 5 within the next page. In 3 pages you had 8 DNFs. That explains itse’f right there.
FYI, don’t try and lie about your quitting history here. We can all see it.