Getting Banned for Playing Halo 4

I have seen, and talked to, several people playing Halo 4. Pictures on Reddit even some people I may or may not have on Facebook or Xbox Live. I was told Microsoft was going to perma-ban these people yet they keep on playing. Why are they not banned yet? And how do so many people have the game?

I don’t know?

People selling the games and reviewing them get it early, and they were accidently banned for having legit copies last week, and they reset everyone’s bannings

Just play campaign, offline.

why do you care??

> why do you care??

I was just curious. Cuz I know Microsoft likes to say they will will permanently ban people and they hardly seem to do it.
I have no problem with people like Machinima playing it and stuff like that but I have been told there are over 2000 people online, I highly doubt that is all people playing with “legit copies”