getting banned for it dropping you

How about you guys fix the matchmaking bug where I finish out a match it’s showing the cinematic of the match ending it. Kicks me and I get a ban cause of it. I am not up to an 8 hour ban due to this issue happening FAR TO OFTEN as you couldn’t tell. I am truly fed up without being able to play. I paid for the game only to get banned due to your server connection issues.

Sure have a quit a few times in my time, yes but I will not sit in games when no one I am playing with is moving and I am just getting slaughtered like a cow to the butcher shop. This is unacceptable that you can get a ban do to a connection issue or getting dropped. That’s not fair. You have no social play list and when I am in a ranked match like arena I will not sit there and just let my record go to bull spit cause of people not playing or just feeding the other team kills. Fix this connection issue and the dropping of match making games cause its a great deal of inconvenience even though I finished the game.

Thanks for the 8 hour ban for something that was out of my hands.