Getting banned because your game doesn't works

Have a challenge to WIN 2 BTB matches. Try to join, and whenever the 5 second cooldown starts, it stops at 1 second. Then I get the message that either servers couldn’t make me join, or matchmaking timed out or whatever pop up the established, so I don’t join the game.

Still, I am left on that screen, unable to cancel matchmaking but unable to join the match. So I bave to hard reset the game each time.

After a couple of those attempts happened, apparently I am banned, I suppose because the game thinks I’m quiting matches. Nice way of keeping me playing. Extremely fair system you got there.

The two options I had was either stay on and endless loading screen, or reset and risk getting banned. Player retention at its finest.

I know, BTB is still broken, but I still got games on it, usually, but today I could only find like 2 of them, then this happened.

Most of it is on 343 for not fixing a really glaringly broken portion of the game.

But some of the responsibility is on the player for knowingly going into a potentially compromising situation.

I’d recommend using a swap if you have one, steering clear of a mode that results in crashes, and appealing your ban if you want.

Just challenge swap the BTB ones, that’s what I did.

The way I see it, since they already acknowledged the problem, they should have removed all BTB related challenges for a while. I ain’t gonna usa a Challenge Swap I “earned” (after putting $10 in for the Battle Pass) because they neglect to fix stuff with a certain standard of quality (I would have removed the gamemode altogether until it was fixed).

Besides, I already completed the challenge. I was just expressing my discontent about this BTB situation.

Or they could have at least let us swap BTB Challenges for free for a while. But no, they just acknowledged the problem, but left it there.