Getting ban for being disconnected

it is so frustrating that i get ban for being disconnected all the time. It is not my fault that i get disconnected for having poor connection. Not all people has the same quality of internet connection. Why would i get banned for being disconnected and it is so ridiculous that i get ban for 58 minutes…wow… Justgot this game for a week and this is how you treat new players… Why don’t you fix this 343… You are so rude…i know other people quit sometimes during the game and you want to punish them…but not all does that…i am beginning to enjoy plying halo 5 and then this…wow… You have to take in considerations that other people dont have good internet connection and we get disconnected…and then you punish us for that kind of thing…so unfair… You are the one who is ruining the game for people like us…

If you’re disconnecting, trying troubleshooting your network to make sure that there are no problems on your end and post in the support section for assistance.

1/24/2016 - 1 DNF
1/23/2016 - 4 DNF
1/20/2016 - 4 DNF
1/19/2016 - 2 DNF
1/18/2016 - 1 DNF
1/17/2016 - 4 DNF

I got banned for poor connection but the irony my internet is 84/35 with a ping of 9. I believe there was an error somewhere on the otherside.
flydemeanor (tag)
between 11:30am -12:10 pm January 24 2016

If your connection is that bad consider moving to another isp if you can or else play campaign.