Getting annoyed

Why is there no Ragnarok/Valhalla in mm anymore? Weighting is far too little. I love that map, can play it over, and over and over…

How come I have to play Adrift ALL the time? I swear I’m being torchered by the same people that always picked Campdown in REACH. All this map is = camp, use CQB weapons.

And how about Solace? What a cluster–Yoink- that map is. Maybe I’ll like it more as the game progresses, but for now I can do without.

Boltshot…I’m beginning to understand peoples frustration with this weapon as a loadout.

BR-- buff it or get rid of it.

Current Majority player base,-- where the -Yoink- did these people come from? I was hoping to leave the camping/CQB/open-map-fearing players with REACH…seems they have migrated.

FYI-- thank you for the Quit ban, guess I should have just kept playing that lovely map Adrift…meh.