Getting a temp ban after an error kicked me

If you can detect an error, do you really have to give a 30 minute ban? I leave all the time and take those 10 minute bans, but why are you stacking an “anticheat error” getting me kicked from a match on top of my regular 10 minute bans? or do y’all just ban people for 30 minutes after experiencing an error forcing them out of the match? Like wtf, this is the longest I’ve ever been banned and I didn’t even leave on purpose. Well, I verified my game integrity and reinstalled easy anticheat, but I am worried if it happens again I’ll be banned for like an hour. This system of banning people for simply leaving unbalanced social matches, internet disconnects, or game errors is super annoying and I believe drives people away from mcc. Some may believe this is a good thing for driving unwanted quitters away, but in reality this is a band aid solution to an unbalanced matchmaking issue.