Getting a game on EU servers?

When’s the best time and day to get a competitive game on EU servers?

I only seem to connect to US East servers. Might as well be handing out flowers.

So it’s Wednesday night here in the U.K. and I’ve been trying to get a game on competitive from around 6pm to now… 11:16pm - no joy.

Anybody got any info on when to play?

Competitive? Probably never. The ranked playlists in MCC are pretty much dead, it needs both EU and US players combined to still get some matches.
That’s why people are asking for the comp wins challenge to get removed, because it’s simply not realistic to get anymore.

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I got three games on the US server but my connection was that bad it wasn’t worth me playing. I did manage one win so half way there on the challenge.

How ever as a European it seems MCC is pointless to play if you want to play ranked. Shame.

I think many US players don’t even try anymore too, since for them it’s also mostly impossible to get matches.

I am a European player and since infinite came out haven’t done the 2 comp wins challenge anymore, since it’s just almost impossible to get matches.

I suppose that is the issue with having multiple games to play for multiplayer - Halo 5 still exists too. It’s bad enough having too many playlists let alone too many games.

If Infinite was a Halo game instead of some sort of Frankenstein, maybe MCC could have been laid to rest.

Now we just have 3 pools of players H5/MCC/Infinite all spread thinly with each iteration being totally different from the rest.

More likely to get EU servers during EU daytime hours around about lunchtime. However finding a match will take considerably longer.

Interesting - I thought prime time would be evenings rather than day time… people go to school and work… I could see that on weekends but not in the weekday.

Prime time is in the evening, but it doesn’t guarantee you a EU-server, since there are also already US-players online. That’s why he said during noon, since then there are almost no US-players online yet.

Yeah we used to play in the afternoon back in the H2 days but there was always some ‘Yanks’ stompin about at the end of an All-nighter!!!

Thats when people used to talk in every game!

This game is a disaster. So let me get this straight; the only people who are actually playing on the servers that align to their regions are Americans? Lords knows it’s not the Asians since as an Australian, they’re always with me on West US servers.

I’m bewildered by how incompetent 343i are. What a joke.

Yep - when I select the European servers I do not get a game soon as I select US east I get thrown into one every two or three minutes.