Getting a 50 !!!!

I’m just on here wondering if there is anybody out there who is still playing halo 3 on a normal basis as myself and would liketo help me get a 50 in either Slayer, Swat, or doubles are my highest skills. If you could help me out by spendin some time on halo 3 with me lemme know or post here. I would greatly appreciate it and Halo 3 is still awesome guys !!! I play Reach and Halo 3 and I think most of us love Halo for Master Cheif so make sure to get on your Halo 3 every now and then !!! But yea bout the 50…

I would since I don’t have anything better to do…but, my xbox is in need of repair, unfortunately.

I play every day. But my ranked days are over.

We could still play?

dude I’m down to get a 50 in swat or slayer


I’d be down but I’m probably rusty. Still trying to get higher than my 46.

> I play every day. But my ranked days are over.

I agree with you man. Sadly ranked is just not what it used to be. Too many derankers or afk players makes ranked unbearable now. As a retired 5 Star general I spend my days in social reminiscing over the good ole’ days when all I used to play was ranked 2-3 years ago.

lol I remember I got my first 50…like in 2008

I’d like to get a 50, too. Got to 39 today, actually.

ebay it … like everyone else

I play nearly everyday, but I’m gunning for a 50 in Lone Wolves. My TS stats are derping around, so I can’t seem to go up there.

I was a level 40 on Team Slayer, never made it to 50 because of lag issues and lack of good team mates.

I’ll help with Swat or Team Slayer :slight_smile: