Get Tactical 343

Your next Halo Game…should be an 8 Player Co-op Campaign Story Driven Game based on the Halo Lore that is already written.

  • Scrap the Multiplayer. Spartan vs Spartan is old and tiring. Get rid of it.

  • Have an 8 Spartan Player Team battling against the Brutes, Floods and the Endless.

  • Revamp your open Halo World with a living city of surviving Ancient Humans and Forunners.

  • Use Black Hawk Down and Band of Brothers as an example for a Halo Tactical First-Person Shooter Game.

343/Microsoft…i hope you are listening to new ideas. If not, Halo is doomed.

I wish you the best.

I doubt scraping pvp will do u any good, at that point what your suggesting might as well be a halo spin off game that’s entirely it’s own thing. Kinda like halo wars