Get some Halo 3 Achievements help?

Hey what up guy I need help getting some halo 3 achievements, can you help me out by adding me to your friends list? If we can get a lot halo 3 fan out there to help out getting the halo 3 achievements by having a big party going to help all of us out getting the halo 3 achievements. We could not get without help from halo 3 fan like your self. Thank you for your help.

My Gamer Tag : John Leonidas

P.S “Stand up. Face forward. Hesitate and you will die. Retreat and you will age.” - Zangetsu Quotes from Bleach.

Me and my brother are trying to get some matchmaking achievements in halo 3. We’ve been trying to play the team mythic playlist but the population is at 0. We only have 7 controllers between the two of us, so we need one more player to join. If you’re up to it, how about you join us for a boosting party?

My gamer tag is Al Bangya85

We usually try to play every night at around 830 or 9 pacific time.