Get rid of turrets and add kill zones in Griffball

Ok, so I decided to play Grifball for once ever since it was released. I played a few games and nothing out of the ordinary happened until some guys did some sort of hammer jump technique to get themselves out of the arena. One of them found a machine gun turret that was placed somewhere and managed to bring it into the court. What he did next? He lit up my whole entire team with it. After it ran out of ammo, he went back out of bounds and waited for another one to spawn. Good thing he was too late though since the game reached the score limit. I actually managed to record some stuff as proof. (There are some other ones but, they haven’t showed up yet.)

Basically, there needs to be a kill zone and the turret needs to go.

haha damn thats awesome yea I would be pissed too tho man. The jump is just a stabilized hammer swing from what I have gathered.

I just want different Grifball maps.
How about we add a dome to the current map to look like one of those Hockey/Foosball table top games?

It’s a glitch to where they run out on the map (Avalanche if you didn’t know), and then go around barriers to get a turret on the other side of the map and bring it back, then hop up into a lift for the game to “shoot” you back into the court just like when you first start a game.

I’m almost one hundred percent positive that the 343 matchmaking team is already aware of this issue. Having a machine gun turret outside of the map is just downright silly, and extremely questionable as to why it was put in the map at all. Although I can’t speak for him, Nokyard, if not already, is in the works of sending the updated map with proper working boundaries. Hopefully it won’t take long to update the playlist with a few new maps, and updated gametype settings (sword starts really?).


  1. the hammer storm update glitched out a lot of forge maps that had invisible wall barriers… it was not just the grifball map

  2. they realeased a smll update today actually about 2 hours ago to fix this issue

  3. you can now enjoy grifball with out turrets