Get rid of ties in multiplayer (tie breaker idea)

I am not a big fan of ties that occur in some social multiplayer games and I can’t be alone on this (same with sword duels). Instead of ties for evenly matched games, it would be nice to have a quick tiebreaker. At the end of a game that results in a tie, the game could switch to a time limited, no respawn, SWAT with just pistols and limited ammo. Devs could do something similar like when they had medal madness in Halo 4 and the game type would switch during play. The team with the most surviving players at the end of the time limit wins. I think the limited ammo (one clip) would force the player to be conservative and get creative to bring out everyone’s skill. There is always melee though if everyone is out of ammo.

there hasn’t been any tie breakers and I don’t think there will be besides a tie normally means ether 1: both teams are good and it resulted in a tie or 2: its ctf or assault and some troll on either team isn’t planting the objective and makes overtime happen and still doesn’t plant it

I don’t think a round of swat is a fair tiebreaker if we were playing say, BTB ctf or something. The tie breaker needs to be the same game mode at least. Why not just have a rematch opt-in if there is a tie? Keep the same teams, same lobby, replace any leavers, and you can have another go against each other.

Personally I think it should just default to whichever team got the most medals and award the most difficult medals higher scoring.

So a common medal would be worth 1 uncommon 2 and rare 3.

Tally it up give the team with the highest medal score 1 point and it’s done.

I personally think ties are fine, especially in just a social game. But if there were any kind of tiebreaker, I don’t think most people would want it to be so complex. Maybe just have it turn into sudden death with next kill winning.

I’m all for a tie break, not sudden death, just overtime. In ranked depending on if you are on the team who is supposed to win, a tie can be positive or negative. The problem is you don’t know if you are on the team that the tie will benefit, so it’s a coin toss if you should push for the win at the end or not. Having a clear winner by taking it into overtime is a great idea.

Halo 5 had this in the recent Mythic Rumble FFA mode where a tie started Overtime clock for 1-2 minutes, can’t remember which. I think that’s a good way of doing it and whichever team leads after 1 minute wins, if still level a minute keeps adding on until one team is on more kills at the end of the minute. Bet this would lead to some very exciting games when they are extremely close.