Get rid of the XP cap

You really don’t understand how innyoing an irritating this stupid thing is, the cap lasts for about 10 hours of game play which for the majority of people is pathetic. I have had more than one problem I haven’t been addressed to say that I am capped and I can’t seem to get any XP I have lost about 40000 XP of this and I’m not happy and I was only playing for about 4 hours before this happened get rid of it

Please share your thoughts

agreed. I am playing with my friends right now… they are all unlocking armor and stuff they want to use… but I am stuck playing with no reward to show for my invested time. if you didn’t want people blowing through your ranking system you should have made it take longer. but instead you punish those how are skill or PAID to get your double XP promotion.

not a smart thing to do. i don’t feel like playing while I have to watch my friends get xp while i don’t