Get rid of the shaders.

Going to start off by saying simply…shaders are an awful idea. I understand it adds more fluff to the battlepass but if that’s the only reason shaders were implemented then please hear me out because I have a better idea.

Rather than restrict customization and be the first halo game to do so with armor colors…why not leave skins to guns and vehicles and just have say a base of 12-20 colors that are unlocked at default…say just the basic color wheel. Now say you take the warframe or guild wars 2 approach…You have said base colors already unlocked at launch but now in the battle pass and even could do this for challenge rewards, you add colors. these colors you unlock and can only get through unlocking NOT BUYING.

now say ok well there’s only so many colors we can add… well now instead of there being just colors you could add colors + style. Say this isn’t just red but metallic red and its shiny or you add leather red to make it look like there is a feint leather texture over said color etc. etc. The sky is the limit here and I feel you are SEVERELY holding back players by adding shaders. It wasn’t great in destiny and everyone hated it and it will be the same exact thing here. (Yes I know most complained in destiny because they were consumable but even after players didn’t like it because it severely limits you in terms of customization.)

This I believe will bring back more of that classic halo feel we know so much and can really improve the battlepass system that is in place. Being restricted to armor shaders is just not the way to go. I’m sure with this idea it can spark you to go even farther and all i ask is just to consider the option. Thank you!