Get rid of the kill cams

The kill cam just waste time and a pointless video of how you got killed in the last five seconds and prevent you from getting to the game quicker and back to killin

I agree, no point for them to be in. Most players skip it anyway.

I am with you 100% on this! I hate them. 95% of the time I already know how I died, I really don’t feel like watching it again.

At the very least allow me to turn toggle them off in my custom settings, so if some people want them they can have them, and if they don’t we don’t have to put up with it’s waste of time.

Please no more kill cams!

Down with the Kill Cam!

Going for that old school Halo feel? Fine, add these abilites and whatnot, the game is fun as hell.

Where they’re -Yoinking!- up is the lack of 4-split-screen, and the dumb -Yoink- killcam. Don’t need it, no sir-ee.

Yes! And the black fade outs and fade ins are particularly horrible. It completely disrupts the gameplay and is just really annoying and time consuming. If 343i insist on keeping it, they should at least make it smoother and without the black screens in between. Also, an option to turn it off, say in the menus, would be really good- because I and a lot of people just skip them instantly anyway.

But yeah, it’d be easier to just scrap the Killcams entirely. They don’t really add anything to the gameplay other than making new players feel at home.

Kill cams didnt work or belong in Halo 4. they dont work or belong in Halo 5 now.

I disagree. I think they should be made optional. I’ve actually been happy to see that I didn’t lose my 1 v 1 and got killed by his camping teammate hiding behind a corner.

I would have been a lot more frustrated or saying things like “-Yoink- !” or “WTF” if I didn’t get to see what actually happened.

Optional = Everyone’s Happy

Would love to see them gone.

Wouldn’t mind if they were optional though, as the previous poster stated, everyone would be somewhat happy then.