Get rid of stockpile, fix Big team Battle

STOCKPILE is the worst game mode, it takes away from what makes Halo fun. It’s only made worse when it takes 45min to get into a BTB game mode because of the connection issues and than you have to play a game of stockpile.

Seriously though, STOCKPILE is such a bad game mode, absolutely the worst. It’s like playing an ant colony simulator for 20+ minutes.

Maybe they can use the the battery cores in other game modes. Instead of randomly spawning tanks at the end of the game, there are battery cores that show up during a game and if you can place ‘x’ amount in your base you can spawn a tank… Maybe that could be interesting? But to have a whole mode centered around it is so boring.

At the very least allow players to omit stockpile from the playlist. I NEVER want to play that mode again.


Are there achievements attached to it at all?
If so it is going to be a big deal to get the game mode removed.

Stockpile is a fine game mode. I say leave it be.


Stockpile is one of my favourites. It’s a lot of fun. Not sure what the moaning is about.


Stockpile is a very fun gametype, it will not get removed anytime soon.


Game mode works…

perhaps some recommendations on fixes you would like to see?

We don’t really want modes or maps removed due to the low content count already.