Get rid of sbmm in social

I literally can barely play with my friends in this game outside of BTB and event playlists. And all the wacky game modes you add won’t be fun or enjoyable if the entire lobby is ‘equal’ skill and will take it as seriously as HWC. Just get rid of it. Jungle match making. Fastest possible with best connections thats it. Forcing a 50%WL is mega lame too. Like the game is literally out here designing defeats for mw because I’m good at the game. I also cant fire at all cylinders ALL the time either sometimes I don’t want to carry and just run at people with my AR. The game will put me in a One Legged Race while I have both legs, then the game shoots one leg and says, ok now the chances of both teams are more even ish, but you still have to be faster. Wierd analogy but I’m sure it gets the point across. Halo is a fun social game that can be tweaked to be hyper competitive. It isnt just competitive. These same problems plagued the entire latter half of Halo 5 too. SBMM has completely killed every 4s playlist for me. It has dissuaded many friends from playing if we literally can’t find matches because our skill levels are broad. There is no perfect match and there never will be. Please 343. Just get rid of it.