Get rid of Pulse Carbine kill challenges

The last thing I want to do for multiple games is run at people with a weapon meant to STRIP SHEILDS trying to get kills with it. The weapon is not designed for that or intended to be used that way. It’s miserable dying over and over again watching all your kills be stolen because it deals barely any damage. If that wasn’t bad enough since launch weapon challenges have been known not to track properly meaning your hard earned pulse carbine kills sometimes just don’t count.

I have unlocked every capstone since launch so trust me when I say these are some of the worst challenges you have to put up with. Stuff like this is why so many people hate the challenge system. It forces them to drop everything and play a certain way resulting in a often miserable experience.

I have no issues killing peeps with it… Must be a you problem… :thinking:

It’s best to use at mid range though, zooming in seems to lock on better too.

The issue isn’t with landing hits (I swear the amount of times I’ve seen this reply lol). As I mentioned above the problem is your using a weapon designed to strip shields which results in you constantly facing an up hill battle. What do you do against kill steals? How are you going to win a 1v1 with it when you can’t swap to a different weapon to finish them off? Sure accuracy is important and helps but it doesn’t change the fact that it just takes way too long to finish a player off with a pulse carbine inevitably leading to the problems above.

It’s not impossible I’ve done it many times and have a method the issue is how far out of your way you need to go in order to get those kills and how generally miserable doing it always is.


It kills in two to three bursts. First burst strips shields…

Try it out in the gun range…

Most players dont move like bots. Maybe you’re playing in a lower bracket

I do it all the time in casual. Track shots at midrange do a lot of the work for you. Should try it sometime. I only suggested the range to test the damage output, and maybe find, the sweet spot. You’ll need to learn to lead the target a little too if they’re straifing left or right.

Congratulations on finding the reply button BTW.

Do it in BTB where enemies are looking else where. If you hit them at optimal range, they are dead before they can do much. Though it’s dumb to have to go to certain playlists or gametypes to complete things in general.

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I had to get three kills with one yesterday. I died over and over and cost my random teammates a few wins. Easily the worst challenge of the crop I’ve had this week.