Get rid of personal ordinance...

343 did an “alright” job of balancing this game with armor abilities and some guns (yes camo and DMR i think are still OP but the TU will change that) Personal ordinances are the hindrance IMO, the new loadout system is interesting but personal ordinance messes with any strategy it took to play halo.

I hate how in BTB ragnarok has like 3 people with binary rifles, 2 snipers, 1 beam rifle all on the same team due to these ordinances. oh and they’re all camoed.

Its cool for customs I guess but there is no reason for it to be in MM, it just makes BTB the new Heavies from reach, which is not a good thing.

Actually heavies was pretty fun on the one map, forget what it was called, but it had an upstairs to it.

it was a forge one.

I didn’t mind heavies on that map. But on Blood Gultch it was terrible.

either get rid of it or fix it. Theres always another option getting rid of it is always the option i seem to make when there something i dont like but if i take some time to really think about it i end up coming up with something thats probably even better. weather this happens or not though depends on the community. I want it u just want it to be fixed and balanced. So far the best times ive had on this game are in big team battles, capture the flag, team doubles and grifball, oddball as well recently amazing how we got into a definate losing game and came back with a win thanks JIP :smiley:

Everyones noticed it theres a post talking about balanceing it please provide some input on how you would balance it out its not the idea its mostly how its executed.

please provide input and help create a better infinity slayer.

They just need more PRO playlists to cater to people who do not enjoy new HALO, myself included…

I once played an infinity slayer match where everyone on the enemy team had their own personal sniper rifle…I kid you not. In my opinion, PO may solve the problem of power weapon spawn campers but it practically breaks the balance of the gameplay instead. If it MUST be included, at least up the number of points it takes to call it in…