Get Rid of Panic Station

This map has no business being in the SWAT playlist on Halo 4, please remove it and add a map that isn’t made for Big Team Battle. I wouldn’t mind if more custom maps were added, just not ones like this. Please post your thoughts on this matter and help us get rid of this map once and for all. Thank You

> Does anyone else hate Panic Station? It just becomes one big DMR sniper battle. And the spawn point that place you out in the open really drive me insane.
> -Varmah52

> Also, Panic Station. If I have to play that map one more time, I might lose my mind.
> -MIMIC880

> Seems as though nobody likes panic station swat, and I agree. Panic Station is great for BTB, but not SWAT.
> -Sleepyhair22

Not gonna lie, that sounds like a lot of fun. Long-range DMR firefights? Count me in.

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> Not gonna lie, that sounds like a lot of fun. Long-range DMR firefights? Count me in.

half of the time youre just walking around looking for things to kill. It gets tiring, but DOES build tension.

I absolutely HATE Swat on Panic Station. It would be a great map for many other gametypes, but it is pretty much playing SWAT in a field. Filled with spawn kills and pretty much who can pull the trigger that fastest.

I love panic station

Panic station is the worst map in halo history. It looks like it was made from Army Men sarges heroes for N64. It’s a big, dumb square of -Yoink-. Everything is giant and boring to look at. Spawn kills all over the place, not to mention you lag everytime these forge maps load. The Xbox 360 visually cannot handle the sheer stupidity of this map. I want to meet the person, or people behind the creation of this p.o.s. And personally backhand them with a wrench. Panic station, simplex, all those boring looking maps can go back to ODST where they belong.

And another thing, everyone who ALWAYS votes for Haven…you can go to hell.

i guess thats why its called ‘panic’ station

Hahahaha very true, I think it’s called panic station because the creator panicked after he made this map. He’s like “everyone is gonna hate the lag…and the map…oh well!” Hahahaha

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> I love panic station

Same here (:

Eh to each his own, fellow Spartans I just think it reminds me of N64 haha and that’s bad I guess lol

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> i guess thats why its called ‘panic’ station

How about that ride in?

Funny. I always do really well on Panic Station. Most kills. Fewest deaths. Longest sprees. Highest Average lifespan.

On an unrelated note I recognize some of the names on this page. Yeah, from SWAT games. I remember playing with some of you on this one map called Panic Sta…

…Oh wait…

i don’t do swat but i do panic station whenever i can

Yeah, not a fan either. Once you even touch (or spawn) onto the ground, you die.

I like it because I played it in a few custom games before it came to matchmaking, after watching a youtube demonstration by a map forger.

Oh, and the map is actually named after the song “Panic station” by Muse.

I once went 24 and 3 on Panic Station in SWAT. Usually I go around 11 and 15. Very fun SWAT map if you have strategy.

Panic Station almost always seems to come up as one of the three choices, usually first, and the last dozen or so times I played SWAT I didn’t end up having much of a choice. I remember there used to be more maps that would cycle through and now SWAT feels like it’s being ignored by 343. There should be a little more variety than the same few recycled maps, right?

There’s nothing wrong with the idea of Panic Station, just with it’s execution. So many forgers have good ideas and then suck at execution. How does this stuff make into matchmaking? I could eat a palette of building blocks and puke a better map.

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> And another thing, everyone who ALWAYS votes for Haven…you can go to hell.