Get rid of match voting!

The Halo community will ruin this video game (even more ruined than it already is) if you continue to let people vote on the matches they want to play.

When you give the community the option to vote they will replay the same maps and the same game-types until everyone is so sick of playing them (Team BR’s on Lockout/Ascension/Sanctuary). I can barely find a match and I’m already sick of battle rifle spawns and the same 3 maps.

Take the voting out and make people play random games. It makes it so much more exciting to get a lockout match when you don’t play it 50% of the time.

I haven’t been able to get a single classic big team game because all anyone wants to do is fly around on the hornet and on bloodline. Voting will only ruin the game. Make a BR’s playlist so that people who like that can play it. I love team BR’s, that’s as competitive as Halo gets, but i don’t want to play it every time.

Also, why in the world is Team BR’s always the first one on the voting list with the objective game the last one with the worst chance.

Halo is more fun when you get a wide variety of games and maps to play. There were a ton of games in Halo 2 that weren’t popular to begin with but became classics because people found the good things in every map. I have seen matches like classic hang em high slayer pop up for voting at least 10 times in my searches and they are always beat out by Slayer BR’s on some H2 Anniversary map.

If you let the community decided what to play they will limit the game and make it redundant and boring. Just take to voting out or try incorporating some playlists that don’t have it. I know everyone wants to act pro and play nothing but BR’s on small maps, but there are a lot of people who would like to play something else for a change. Mainly a large team objective playlist with no voting. Halo 2 had no voting and it was incredible.

Might take them a while to do that.

I think they need to put a better playlist to choose from in matchmaking along with categorized games for each halo. I am just looking forward to them putting swat back in the list

I miss the veto system where no one knew what map was coming.

yea with BR team playlist, im with you on that, and the note vote random map would be fab, I get sick of playing husky raid once I played more than 5 times in one day.
And an extra add on playlist for those competitive 1v1, make a playlist for that then I think those 1v1 to see who’s better messages will go down quite a bit.

The random would be awesome. Especially for BTB. Will it happen in the MCC? Probably not lol, but we can only hope & dream

What I don’t get is the existence of Playlists and voting at all.

When it was announced that Halo would get dedicated servers I thought of a server browser à la battlefield.
A heavenly server browser where you can see what maps and game types will be played, how much people are playing and most important your ping.

EA servers manage to serve you a lag free game with 64 persons and instant drop-in/out system!
All the while Halo brings you a host-based super laggy 12 people big team battle, where up to half the players have to play a map and mode they didn’t vote for…

The current state of Halo is not going to win over our younger generation.

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> The random would be awesome. Especially for BTB. Will it happen in the MCC? Probably not lol, but we can only hope & dream

I agree, that would be nice.

I do agree that a playlist with imposed maps would be cool, like the good old Halo 3 days.

In all honesty I would divide all playlists by game in have sub category playlists and bring back the favorite game types of each game.

For example in halo 3



Agreed. Why is the left-most voting option ONLY slayer? It’s ridiculous. Most people don’t even vote. It sucks to sit there for an hour hoping to get a Flag game and to keep losing the vote to a 2-2 tie and load YET ANOTHER SLAYER BR GAME. It’s sloppy and Childish to make a broken vote system like that. Just mix it up!

Never really thought of this, but you kind of have a point… But I’m not sure random matches are the way to go.

Veto system please

No more automatic default Slayer games. It’s so SO boring. There’s a team Slayer playlist. Leave it at that. Objective and Slayer shouldn’t be mixed. Separate the communities.