Get rid of flinch

So at the beginning of the beta I did not even notice the flinch however we are now in the final week of the beta and I think that it just should not be in halo. I get that it adds a level of difficulty to aiming and trust me I’am all for raising skill caps but I think that if I am able to take off someone’s shields with a pistol I should not have to worry about chocking due to the flinch messing with my aim. I loved Halo because I felt that it was mostly gun skill and aiming and without flinch I felt that if I lost a BR fight it was purely due to the fact that I was unable to connect with my shots nothing was there to blame but myself. Now I feel that I can blame the flinch, it is something that I am not able to control when it happens and I find myself thinking “Oh if the flinch was not there I could have hit the shots that I missed”. Now, I know that people are going to say man up and deal with it or that I’m a noob but this was never in any Halo before it and it has no place in this one. A solution that I would recommend would be make it so you would have to lead your shots just like Halo CE and 3. Other than the flinch I think the addition of the thruster was a great idea I feel that I can get out of tight situations if I have to and the time on the cool down is good to eliminate people from spamming it. Also connecting sprint to the shield was a good compromise, so that was just my feedback and what I think. Thank You 343 for at least letting us beta test it I hope the final product takes Halo back to it’s golden era.

Flinch does need to be removed, this I will agree with. It ruins what would otherwise be perfect accuracy which reduces the skill gap and adds a layer of randomness with the random direction of the flinch. This should be removed.

Flinch was confirmed to be an animation glitch and will be fixed for the final game (source: Josh Holmes)