343 since they are now in charge should get rid of Bungie’s ridiculous credit cap for good

Why? So you can continue to spam Custom Challenges and get to Inheritor in a day?

Calm down. There’s nothing wrong with the 200k cap. It used to be 60k. Be thankful for that. Also, rank doesn’t matter in Reach anyway. By the time you hit Eclipse(which won’t take long with the CChallenges), you’ll have ALMOST everything in the armory anyway.

200,000 is perfectly fine, I’ve only ever hit it using Custom Challenges, if they actually removed the cap, I could get an account to an Inheritor in about two days, from Recruit.

Wow I didn’t know there was a 200,000 cap,The highest I’ve ever got was maybe 125,000 in a day.

I only just found out that there were custom challenges.

I hit the cap yesterday and today without Custom Challenges. 343i gave grifball a 22,000cR reward for a 15 minute game. Ten games and I have gone over the cap. Although, you shouldnt be playing for cR anyways. I continue to play because it is fun. So suck it up and enjoy the game or play a different one.

I agree that the cap is too low at this point. Does it really matter that there would be a lot of inheritors around the game? It’s not like it gives them any advantage in the game. Even if not removing it completely, I do think It needs to be raised again maybe to 400,000 or 500,000. Especially with the custom challenges. Halo 4 will be here before we know it and this game will begin to collect dust.

I would be fine without it I only hit it every few months – and I just keep playing I don’t need credits im max rank with an extra 11 million credits in my spartan piggy bank.

I have never once hit the credit cap. EVER. And people used to complain about this even before there was custom challenges.

Imagine the grunt custom weekly challenges, it takes about two hoours to hit the cap the way grunts are worth right now, if there was no cap it would take one day to rank up through most of the ranks and the additional day to reach inheritor. If you are hitting the cap too quickly using CC’s then earn your credits without them.

Are you kidding? How can ANYONE play enough in one day to get 200,000 credits? That’s nearly enough to get to captain in 1 day.
The closest I’ve come to hitting the cap was 50,000.

It depends what your current rank is, what you play, how long you play, and if you use custom challenges or not. The most I ever got without custom challenges was 120000 or so. With custom challenges about 180000. And jackpots help of course.