I am a casual gamer but a skilled gamer. I love to drink a little and play a few hours of halo a few nights a week and have fun…but i also like winning and am pretty good. I made this group to find similar people to have fun with in halo 5 guardians…hopefully it will be the perfect balance of fun and skill. We will dominate the warzones, arenas, etc

Age - 21 years or older (Most of us between 21-30)
Have a positive KD (Exceptions to those that only play hardcore/mlg/ranked playlists since competition is A LOT greater)
Gender - Male or female. (Females must be a solid 7/10 or higher. Sorry we only associate ourselves with good looking women, no fatties)
Drinking is a plus.
Be socially outgoing, not some weird creeper.
Dont be a salty rager. (we have all been there where shots werent registering and every1 is lagging and you cant kill anything)
Dont get offended if we make fun of you. If i accidentally blow up our teams full warthog with a rocket launcher…i expect to be made fun of…so should you.
Did i mention drinking is a plus?

You sound like a perfect fit for our Spartan Company, Bananas!