Get our Arena playlist rank up

Good Morning! So I’m having a really hard time getting on schedule with my current friends online. This is making it extremely difficult for me to get my playlist rank up while having to play with randoms, players who don’t have a mic and are constantly leaving games. If your interested in getting your Arena playlist ranks up as well, add me as a friend and let’s try and accomplish just that.

I feel your pain, been solo queuing for years (friends mostly play sports games). I never worry about rank anymore, but randoms can be… bad (:

Good luck ranking up and welcome to Waypoint.

Hey there SirGLOCKINSTEIN, welcome to Waypoint!
This is the Roll Call Forum for player and user introductions, you should try the Recruiting Forum to find players.

Thank you Max2107. I’ll surely try that and see if I can get some hits. JTeeps, thank you as well I feel the love already haha