Get locked for making valid point

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Like many of you I have been playing Halo for a lot of my life. The reason why myself and so many others keep coming back to Halo is the community because we (have/had?) the best one in gaming. However, I am pretty ashamed in some of what I have been seeing take place. I can not say anything about it via the forums directly because it violates the rules. As we all know a new feature to Halo 5 and Waypoint is Spartan Companies. Spartan Companies are a great resource to link recreational and competitive players together to enjoy what it is all about… Playing Halo. When the Achilles armor was released it completely changed the dynamic of Spartan Companies. Companies now frequently farm in game types like Warzone taking the fun out of the game for recreational players and people playing casually. 343 does essentially nothing to combat this… However, even though that is a major problem that is not what this forum is about. A few weeks ago I got on xbox to play with a few people from my company who play together. When I joined the custom games lobby I noticed many of them were no longer in the company. They told me the leader had booted them for being idle for a day, getting caught for playing another game, or for no reason they could recall. I did not think much of it at first because it did not overly affect me and we were still all playing custom games and having a good time. I get on a day or two later and join a party with most of the same people in it and they are all talking about how they had been removed from the company for no reason other than what I am guessing is playing with the kids who had been kicked. One of them told me the leader had several other accounts and used one to spy on them in a party and see they were playing with those who had been kicked… There was only myself and another player I play with regularly who were left in the company. The other guy is a really good guy. He was even featured in our bio as being one of the companies best new players and even asked to be leadership. Well anyways he went ahead a messaged leadership asking why so many people had been removed. The company leaders response was removing him from the company and the bio. I sent a message to everyone in the company voicing what had happened and was removed. I posted it on the forums even though it was locked for “calling out” for stating the company name, which I find amusing because this company has changed their bio calling all ex-members “drama starters” and that is just as much “calling out” to me. After my post I had many other ex-members reach out to me about their bad experiences with the company. I am now in a company primarily made of people who used to be in this company including a lot of our leadership. One of them is even an ex-leader of the company. Who the main leader still talks about negatively. This guy not only spies on people, boots them for being idle a day, playing a different game, not accepting his invites, disagreeing with him (which is explicitly stated in his companies bio), and continues to constantly remove people just for no reason. I know many people who have reported this company. The best we ever get is that they are looking into it from the monitors. I think this is absolutely ludicrous. This sort of behavior being tolerated in the community makes me sick. Spartan Companies were not made so a few people can take advantage of other players while 343 does nothing about it. The company I am in now gets along great even though a lot of us has been dubbed as “drama starters” by our past company. Can anyone tell me how a company has so many “drama starters” they have to remove people on a daily basis and “call out” “drama starters” in their bio? Sorry, I just did not remember when the Halo community became using people to get an armor.

I was about to reply to that last thread that got locked. Honestly though it feels like we are not allowed to speak out about bad people/companies that are clearly violating several rules. That disappoints me.

Dude, I’m sorry this happened. But it sounds like that clan is full of immature jerks. You’re better off. Threads like this aren’t a good look. Also; paragraphs.