George washington head ai

it would be cool if we could get a floating head bust of george washington as an ai in game when u capture command points etc


what would he sound like?

just the little floating head not the announcer part. the announcer would be something else

hahaha XD i was also thinking of the milk from got milked emblem as AI

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I feel like an Agent Washington AI would be much better.

You’re not supposed to drink the bong water. lol

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I would be overjoyed to get some RvB references in the customization options. It’s probably the only thing that would make me spend any more on the shop.


Why just his head? :laughing:

I suppose that then it would be a good idea to introduce presidents from other countries, be they Latin American or European.

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of wellington which is is a throwback to the lore.

boris johnson , ( his voice would sound funny )

oh, please no he’d just clamour on about lockdown while playing strongholds i can hear it now.


As much as I’ll be cool seeing world leaders as talking heads, it’ll probably not fly with many people.

I think the heads should be in jars like in Futurama.


I still think a George Washington head ai would be good to have

Honestly, if RoosterTeeth is willing, they should just try to get as many of the RvB voice actors to voice some RvB A.I.s in Infinite. Imagine having Caboose say a bunch of crazy crap. Or Griff just telling you why bother in anything. I think people would very much enjoy having these characters in Infinite.