Genius Thruster Pack Idea

Ok, well as some of you may know, the thruster pack isn’t always as useful as some of the other armor abilities.

However, I may have thought of a solution to make it more useful on larger maps.

Imagine if you could use the thruster pack while driving or riding in a mongoose to give it a boost of speed.

This would also make a mongoose slightly more useful for competitive and non-competitive play.

Competitive play it could be used to escape dangerous situations.

Non-competitive play, it could be used to catch even more air on racetracks, and make them more fun.

This is just an idea that popped into my mind, please leave a post on here with your thoughts of if this a good/bad idea.


That would be so cool. Great idea.

Thanks, I wish I could get more people to see this!

that sounds really fun

Or they could just make you go farther than two inches.

“Genius” lol :stuck_out_tongue:

But, in all honesty, it seems cool, but I think that any amount of boost that is “noticeable” or effective in game will break certain maps/games.

Too weak - all big maps that have mongooses they will not change at all Ragnarok/other BTBs

Too strong - maps like CTF on Complex would be over in a minute.

Would have to be balanced perfectly - and we know how that goes haha

I’ll love to see it works as in Flood, then it will be really useful.

It’s great against boltshoters and plasma EMPer’s.

but with mongoose would be awesome!

I just said genius, cause I was trying to think of something to get people’s attention lol.

> Or they could just make you go farther than two inches.

thruster issues solved

Although I know it doesn’t go far, I feel like it’s balanced in some way…Perhaps I’m wrong, and the ability is just as pointless as it looks…

It should be a horizontal jetpack

> It should be a horizontal jetpack

Nice armor, twin! :wink:

That would be sweet. Maybe you could use it to get going after being EMPed.

I figure thruster pack should have just been Evade. I mean if you only get to move a few inches in a particular direction, at least allow me to be able to duck down low.

I suppose they should retool it to either:

a.) allow me to use the ability twice in a row
b.) allow me to travel a far more significant distance with it.

Thruster pack is awesome if you have a piece of cover within 2 meters of you. Otherwise it just makes the enemy miss 1 shot and kill you with the next one.

I agree with the previous poster who suggested we be able to use it twice in a row before needing a recharge.

A little more distance could help too. I like the idea of the thruster pack for my Ranger variant. I use thrusters, mobility and dexterity for my super fast Ranger. HA! Missed me!

Anyone noticed that the Thruster Pack (the only ability visible in the Halo 4 Trailer) seemed an integrated part with Master Chief Armor, while at the end this ability isn’t even present in the campaign?

The real problem is that it only provides lateral motion. You should be able to go up and down as well.

You may be on to something OP. Afterall, there was a campaign level where MC’s shields were diverted to provide extra boost to the ghost. Why not include that in MP? Make it a risk reward so that it kills your shields when you use it, and immediately begins recharching them when you stop?

To be honest, that’s a really cool idea that would add more depth to an overlooked aspect of the game. I would like it, though the Thruster Pack is currently a lot better than you think it is.