Generalized feedback dump after about a week in-game

Howdy (hopefully someone on the multiplayer team) long time player, second-ish time posting in the forums. I’ve been a halo fan since about 2009 and was present in both of Infinite’s flights minus the last weekend during the October flight (marriage took priority).

Having spent what may as well be two weeks inside of Halo infinite, I’m certainly having a lot of fun minus some big and little problems. The big problems are obvious; the progression model and challenges. The smaller problems are just things like weapons that I think need more love and care.


To start things off I want to start with challenges since these mostly inform the way everyone is engaging with this progression system.

I think the main problem right now is that challenges are oddly… specific for a multiplayer thats very randomized right now. For example, tonight I completed two challenges that required I land kills using the mangler. Alright, I know what maps spawn the mangler. But there’s a chance I won’t load into one of those, and if I do, even less a chance they’ll spawn in place of a disruptor pistol.

It gets even worse with vehicles, since the challenges call for things like “kill enemy spartans with the banshee’s fuel-rod gun.” Now I’m limited to one map in quickplay with a non-garunteed spawn, or three maps where the spawn is only likely to happen at the end of the match, and a 50/50 split with the wasp.

On top of that, challenges are too valuable, to the point where players are avoiding objectives for the promise of completing a challenge. My wife dispassionately calls these “gun homework” and I’m reluctantly agreeing with her on this.

As a little post-script to this, there’s a lot of unused screen space in the pause menu during matches that might be best filled with our current list of challenges, so we can keep track of them as we play instead of between matches.


The MCC probably has the best experience gain out of of any of the previous Halo games up to this, partly because its experience gains and method of unlocking new cosmetics are a perfect love child of Halo Reach and Halo 4’s.

So it’s a shame that after two years of having a system that works, Infinite is starting off with nothing but challenges for players to work with.

The problem is simple, and the solution - while I’m sure would require tender love and care - also simple, given that you need only look at the MCC. Reward game performance.

Take the player score (as in the number of points gained per kill, assist, flag capture etc) and divide by 100, that is your experience drip-feed. A player who finishes a match of slayer with a score of 4500 points, now receives a reward proportional to that score of 45xp. Add a bonus of 50xp for completing a game, and another 50 if they were on the winning team. Add an additional 5x for every medal earned. So at minimum, not considering match win or medals, that player should be getting 95xp at the end of his game.

Yes, players will complete the battlepass faster. That is a given. But this at least rewards them for their time in a way that reflects the amount of effort a player is putting into playing YOUR game. The player wants to be rewarded. They don’t want to do homework. Simply playing a match shouldn’t be the only reward since its a given.

(Not to mention things like the fracture events you are ready to drop on us. Thats more rewards for the player to chase that might derail them from their challenge list, meaning they aren’t engaging with the progression system when they could be doing both that and the event at the same time more efficiently.)

This is the model that the MCC has been thriving with ever since its relaunch in 2019, and its a system the three games prior to Infinite have worked with just fine.


This one I’m a little less sure of a fix for. Right now I just don’t think there are enough coatings in the game. Having the standard primary color array at start is fine, I guess. But right now without unlocking any of the coatings in the battle pass everyone is stuck juggling the same six or so colors.

In the back of my mind I think a fine enough a solution to this would be to add one or two coatings as rewards for completing weekly challenges. This may be a good way to incentivise those oddly specific challenges I mentioned earlier. Its not perfect, but its also something eith precedence in the MCC.


Now for the easy stuff.

The bulldog probably needs about 25% more damage at mid-range.

The needler needs a little more speed for its projectiles.

Grenades over all either need more damage or a larger area of effect, with the dynamo grenades being fine as they are actually.

Grappleshot range needs to be increased.

Larger vehicles like the scorpion or wraith should be present as a one-time spawn on big team battle maps. You do something similar with the wasps already, granted they spawn in the middle of the match in a consistent spot.

Custom games need an option to randomize player weapons.

The current 10 second spawn timer feels too long, especially with nothing to do in those 10 seconds. I think 5 seconds is much fairer and still give players time to pop a glance at the hypothetical challenge list I proposed further up in this post.

One more thing that I’m sure everyone is asking for, a way to filter our game types. Sometimes, a man just wants slayer, y’know?


All in all, I’m having fun with the multiplayer, these are just the things that are sticking out to me, and probably everyone. I hope this makes its way to someone on the mulitplayer team who can give it a fair look-over.

Thank you. And auf wiedersehen


I think a lot of people would disagree with this, they’re pretty powerful as they are right now, especially when using them for area control.

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The only tweak I think I would like to see increase how frags affect vehicles. Specifically, a nade to flip or at least bounce a warthog around to cause a flip and or crash. At times I feel like they have a very little affect

Very very long time halo player and mainly multiplayer, I would say one of the things I have noticed in this game is bullet magnetism. I will be running around a corner, I am well around but that last shot that kills you will still hit me when the angle just isn’t there

I agree with absolutely EVERYTHING you mention above, especially the two points about Challenges and XP based on player performance.

I feel that if 343 fixed those two aspects, this game’s MP would be a 10/10.

The gunplay feels amazing in this game and now I just need to be able to play in a way that helps my team (non-super specific weekly challenges) and rewards me for playing well.

The issue for me with this game is that the gameplay is extremely fun and good but the ultra specific challenges and not getting rewarded for my match performance is sucking the fun out of the game and making it feel like a chore to play.