General tips for a brand new Halo noob?

Greetings Halo Community!

This is the first time I will be playing any of the Halo franchise titles, so if possible does anyone have a few basic tips/ guide lines to share with me before I start & possibly delete things I shouldn’t? It would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Pro tip #1, always go for the no scope.

On to a more serious tone, Halo is an arena based shooter with a handful nuances. Due to its arena based design, team work is much more important in Halo, than other shooters. Even playing as a solo player it is important to understand that you shouldn’t go off on your own to win the game. Always stick within a general radius of your teammates. This is probably the most important thing when playing any team based playlist.

Also be sure to grab power ups and power weapons as quick as they spawn. It’s good to know how long it takes for weapons to reason.

Other than that, not much else I can provide besides practice makes perfect. Good luck out there Spartan.

No scope everything & everyone! Gotcha :wink:

Are level advantages enabled in PVP?

Keep playing. Don’t give up. Just keep playing and you’ll learn how to play better lol I mean that’s really all I can say. You’ll develop your own play style. Pay attention to weapon spawns. Learn the call outs. If you have friends great, if you don’t get in the ingame chat and try to make some or try to find some on here. You might get jerks but that’s just part of it. Anyway good luck.

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> Are level advantages enabled in PVP?

Outside of Warzone, there is no process that gives you an advantage other than raw skill. That’s the draw of Halo. Fair starts are integral to what Halo is.

The Buddy System! Do not wander off on your own. Keep close to your team mates. Close enough that you can lend a hand if your teammate is in a firefight, but not too close that both of you end up in a grenade’s bast radius. Keep to this rule as in Slayer, it isn’t about how many kills you make, but about how many times you are killed!