General tips and tricks!!

Hey everyone. So I like playing competitively and all. However, as I have been going up in skill, I am finding it more difficult to be successful at all in war games. I am losing duels constantly and am not sure why. Is there something that I am missing or don’t know about? Any help whether it is load out configuration or maybe even a controller configuration change would be helpful. Thanks everyone!

bumper jumper is a good config for close combat duels.

I personally use fishsticks, 5 sensitivity, and I think its rare you have 1v1 in halo, usually good teams roll together to outnumber people that lonewolf.

make yourself hard to shoot use bumper jumper strafe then jump the crouch in battle to distract the person fighting you… i literally had my shields down killed a man who had full shields while shooting at me…be careful of packs rolling with 2 or more guys this is when you use your ordinance get the drop on one then you even up the playing field for duels…i always lone wolf in halo and its work for me so far

When you get a bad set of choices for your ordinance drop, use it to bait the enemy around a corner or into any spot that gives you an advantage. If they see it drop, they’ll likely make a grab for it, if not right away, then after a few seconds if they don’t see you looking at them.

I have been getting bothsome good games where im maxn 20+ kills then games where im 6-10 kills it sucks I just back out of the party i am in and re-search it helps…

That’s me as well. It does get a bit frustrating, especially in objective games, which I don’t make a claim about being proficient in, but there are interestingly enough, times where I feel I’m the only one who knows what they are doing. Then there are other times where I am way out played trying to catch up to my own team.

> I have been getting bothsome good games where im maxn 20+ kills then games where im 6-10 kills it sucks I just back out of the party i am in and re-search it helps…

Take the extra grenade and extra powerful grenades as your add ons, especially on smaller maps. You’ll be surprised how many people rush after your 2nd grenade, thinking you’re out, only to stand on top of your 3rd.

You lose when you lag. It’s easy, to win you need just good connection. Tips are useless if your headshots don’t reach the enemy, while he hits you even when shooting against a wall. If there is bad connection, just stop gaming for some time, maybe try restarting modem. You can’t do anything to win if your shots never reach the enemy, be patient to go back playing or try to not get pissed with the loses.

Advancing Backwards- Know when and how to run away and how to use grenades to cover your retreat. Play an entire game. In that game, find an enemy, and practice running away from him. Yes, I’m serious.

Escape ability is an essential Halo skill.

Training- First, beat the game on legendary. Then, beat the game on legendary with mythic on. Then beat the game on legendary with mythic, famine, bad luck, etc on. You will be amazed at how much you improve.

This will literally force you via painful -Yoink- destruction to get good at headshots.

Hard Target- I like Boxer layout because it lets me duck rapidly (left thumbstick) without compromising my aim, which makes my head a harder target. Learn a back and forth strafe, and learn how to change up that strafe to throw off your enemy. Throw his aim.

Also, learn a good juke, which you should pull if you are down a shot nearing your death. (My juke is a sideways jump and then a few ducks in mid-air as I fire. Sometimes my juke is a crouch. Find out what works).

Cover- Know where it is and use it. ESPECIALLY on big team. If your enemy gets any shot advantage at all, return to cover, disengage and try again. Caution hurts no one. Fighting it out when you’re a shot or two down is just dumb.

When you are on open ground, you are exposed because if you suddenly start taking fire from 2 enemies, or if an enemy gets the jump and gets a shot advantage you cannot disengage. You should either be sprinting the hell off of that open ground or keeping your nervous eyes peeled for the first sign of an enemy barrel so you can get a shot advantage first and keep him pinned while you work your way to cover.

Ever been spawn trapped on the open side of Complex? Not fun, is it?

Tactical awareness- Use your radar. If you see two red blips tightly spaced, don’t run in like a -Yoink-.

Instead. . .
-Wait to take 1 red dot alone
-Use a fantastic grenade
-Or wait for a yellow dot to catch their eye (this is key. Knowing when your enemy is distracted is the perfect time to throw down 10 shots and land a double kill)
-Crouch and catch them with their pants down

Or. . . If you simply MUST engage two enemies, use cover and angles to prevent 1 of your enemies from shooting you, kill his friend, and then run the -Yoink- away. Beatdown is your friend if you’re SOL, you will usually 1 to 1, which is okay in a 2v1.

If there are 4 tight red dots coming at you, -Yoink-

By example- Check out some MLG gameplay. Digest what you see.

Rule of thumb- When you’re fighting, try to only have one enemy max in your view. If you can see 2 enemies, then 2 enemies can see you, and 2 enemies firing their DMRs at your face isn’t something that you should be looking forward to. My friends get more double kills than me. But my K/D is about 2x better, so I’m not worried.

I have noticed that I am also being matched with other good players of my skill and above, but I think of it as a positive and will have to improve my game. Some good tips posted above.

> You lose when you lag. It’s easy, to win you need just good connection. Tips are useless


Been in many a battles when I have them down to one shot and I have 50-75% shields with both of us using the DMR. Yet their next shot kills me.

Hopefully 343i will release an update that fixes this lag problem that is a major black-eye on this fun game.

Big Team Battle playlist should be titled Big Team Lag many a games.