General Site Slowness

Just a weird quirk I’ve been noticing for a couple of days. The Halowaypoint site is loading rather slow for me as of late. The main page took over a minute just to initially load, and subsequent pages can take several seconds to load. Just the other day(Saturday), I was refreshing a forum link and it took well over two minutes to simply load the screen.
Also, I’m getting a “Problem Detected” redirect whenever I make a post (or this thread), often taking several attempts and overall time to post something.

This is the only site acting slow. Not a problem as far as I know on my end.
Browser used is Firefox, though it acted slow on Microsoft Edge as well.
Cookies are indeed enabled.

There was quite a lot of activity over the weekend with the HCS tournament in London. Every time a code is dropped on stream a few thousand people pretty much hammer the servers in order to redeem for a free Gold pack. This can cause the authentication errors and slowness you’ll have seen :slight_smile: