General Scripting Issues

I have been forging a map for a while, but not even half way through the script limit when thr game started to lag heavily. Can this be avoided or can 343 maybe patch it? If not then :slightly_frowning_face:

What may be happening is there are entities being moved around too much. This only applies with normal physics entities, however.

When scripting, I lag badly if the following happens:

  • Lots of objects moving like OP has said. - Lots of script brains, the game seems to struggle with lighting invisible objects (I always use 1x1 blocks with light baking off). - Scripting when the objects are near their number limit. - Having lots of scripts happening at once: if you need to script a large group of objects with the same instructions, give the objects a label, and only write one script applying to that label. It lags less with this, so I assume it is more efficient scripting (I guess it would be the Forge’s equivalent to using a sub-routine function).Hopefully by limiting the above it will reduce lag. Always try to complete all scripting before building the map to ensure it doesn’t get very buggy over time.