General Question About AFK'ing

What exactly defines AFK’ing?

I ask because sometimes I just explore the map I’m playing on, or I’ll just drive a mongoose (for example) and try for splatters.

Would 343i call ^that^ AFK’ing because I constantly get ZERO kills? Or are they looking for a controller that has no movement? Can’t they tell I’m playing because I’m moving?

…and no, I don’t “AFK” in the sense you’ve come to know, but I do know how to use people who flat-out AFK. See here:

I think generally they mean no movement, or keeping buttons pressed so that your player jumps non-stop on the spot or spins around all match!

However, to explore a map you should really go on a custom game or on Forge mode and play the map there. That way you can explore in peace and not worry about annoying your team mates.