General Problems

Well first off I want to say I’ve been having a great time playing so far & intend to keep going on, but I would like to see who else has had the problems I have & if they could be fixed…

1.Major lag in most games I play, it seems more recent since the patch but I can’t be sure as it lagged generally before, but seems worse now.

2.I got a perfect game but the perfection commendation didn’t move at all, the end-game said 18-0 & is shown on the website.

3.The scoreboard is WRONG in general, I got 15 kills 0 deaths, then went to hide…the scoreboard showed 18 kills, I am about to count to check the video in temporary history, but I’m pretty sure I hid after the 15 kills, and got 0 other kills. — I will update this when I check the video to make 100% sure.

4.Whenever I play playlists near the bottom of the list, and exit out before a full search or after playing a game, it selects the game below it and not what you were just playing…the top game types seem to re-select the playlist you were just on, but the ones closest to the bottom don’t.

When I quickly want to leave who I was with & find new people, because I was lagging with them or any other reason, it annoys me because pushing (A) again to go back into the playlist wont always work, depending on what you picked, because it will possibly be selected on something different. (Like I said when selecting the playlists near the bottom, it seems to have an issue.) - I am playing in war games when I have this issue, just to clarify what menus I’m in when this happens.

—Issues I had before are specializations disappearing even though I downloaded the item to my console, a reboot of the game seems to fix the problem…since the patch that was supposed to fix it, no problem so far…so good job with that…

***If I think of anything else I will add it here, if appropriate, I don’t know if these should be separate posts or what, but these are some general problems I have come across, but I’m having fun playing regardless.