General leveling suggestion: Combat prestige

Combat prestige or out of battle pass leveling would be the generic leveling system for infinite. This has literally infinite levels with you working towards them to get basic rewards with an unlock every 5-25 levels with rare items every 100 levels.

You would gain XP for this separate from the battle pass XP which is only gained by weekly challenges, though said challenges work towards both battle passes and Combat prestige levels.

Function of idea.

every level: you get a challenge swap
every 5 levels: you get an XP booster
Every 10 levels: you get 50 Halo Credits
Every 50 levels: you get a rank emblem (chest, vehicle, gun, and profile) these are your actual rank levels

With these every 100 levels has a unique reward, be it a spartan armor part, a weapon skin, or a weapon model.

100 level item examples

Level 100: Ma5B model swap for the Ma40
Level 200: BR85HB model swap for the BR75
level 300: Chief’s armor coating for MVII
level 400: swords of sanghellios sight model for BR75 and commando
level 500: Unique kill effect ashes to ashes (turns targets to dust.)

These are along with the things you get every few levels.

With this would come an XP system change,

the forula used would be score/10 rounded up to the nearest 10. meaning if you get 2375 score in a match you get 240 XP for that match.

Note this doesn’t stack with battle pass XP which would still be at a slower rate.

Now for the really fun part the Prestige part of the name This comes after 1,000 levels you can Prestige your rank this resets your level back down to 0 with you being able to climb back up the 1,000 levels again. to make this worth it, each set of 1,000 levels has a different 10 unlocks and a different set of rank stickers you can unlock.

Will this died quickly.

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Because no one wants anything to do with the current progression at all. It stinks. It’s just stinky and feels like it’s created to force players to not have fun.

What they should have done:
-Season Pass Progression
-Spartan Ranks

Game Completed = earn XP
Score/Medals earned = Bonus XP
level XP reached = 1 Spartan Rank
Maybe every 10 Spartan Rank = Rank Reward (your Ultimate Challenge Reward here)

Challenges = 1 Token
Every week = 10 Challenges
Every week = 10 Season Pass Progression, just like MCC.
Season pass completed? = Challenge can be completed so you can save tokens and get a head start on the next Season pass.

this topic is a complete rework and not based on teh current progression.

Yo that makes a lot of sense to me. I think that ranks should have been done they way they are in Reach, and the game should have launched with more free content, all as the base content. Then the season pass stuff could always be tied to different ranks, and cost credits (the way you earned credits in reach.) This way, as new seasons came out they could continue to add higher ranks potentially, and make really sweet items just cost a LOT of credits. Halo Reach was a brilliant system, by the time I stopped playing I hadn’t quite gotten everything I wanted.