General issues that could use some tweaking

The skill ranking system needs to include k/d ratio along with w/l ratio. Its very annoying to have a great game and to see my skill ranking to go down because I lost the match. It could increase my ranking less if I did great and lost the match than it would if I did great and won the match. The speed boost and reach on the swords need to be reduced. The loading times are way too long. They need to be reduced greatly, but I expect that to be taken care of in the final product. The game needs to let the player back out at any point during matchmaking. It’s annoying to be stuck in a lobby with 7 out of 8 players waiting for another to come by and the game just sends me back to the main menu with an error message after being stuck for a couple of minutes. The lighting in the spartan hub needs to be increased. The option to turn off killcam should be present. I don’t enjoy watching myself get killed again.