General Infinite feedback

First I want to say that I enjoy Halo Infinite. The weapons feel good and I like how clean and clear the weapon spawns are. The vehicles looks cool and feel good until you crash them because sometimes the act weird. The maps are clean and easy to read, sometimes to big in my opinion. But the base and moment to moment gameplay feels great. Now I have some questions:

Why don’t you spawn in the same squad as your fire team?
Is there only this few playlist because it’s the beta?
Why are there so little info about how the battle pass work in the game? It’s no good when you have to google to understand it fully.
Why don’t you get xp based on you performance?
Why can you earn a singel credit without paying? Even 1 credit per game is better than nothing.
Why do I spawn on the other side of the map so I have to cross and entire enemy team to get to my own team?