General Halo Infinite HUD impressions and feedback

I wanted to create a thread so that we can talk specifically about the hud elements that have been shown in the latest multiplayer footage and give 343 some feedback, so thank you in advance if you decide to comment.

Personally I liked the general ui, the crosshairs seemed pretty neat and on point both visually and functionally and sould be customizable to an extent if I understood correctly, also loved the shield and health indicator. The new placement of the ammo and grenade counter on the bottom right grew on me, especially because it seems fairly unobtrusive on the player’s view since it’s were you typically hold your weapon/stuff that you grab.

I have to say though that I miss the visible ammo icons of previous games, they felt very useful especially during heated combat to get an intuitive and immediate idea of the amount of ammo left and having just the number on screen feels like a stepback in my opinion.

The new additional kill feed that shows points and so on seems unnecessary and distracting, I get that it may be nice and familiar for new players coming from other shooters but I hope we can decide if we want to enable it or not. To me the one in Halo 5 seemed plenty enough. We still have not seen any medals but I have no doubt they will be in the game and great looking.

I’d like to see more about the grenade indicators since there does not seems to be multiple indicator for the different types of grenades like in previous titles, but maybe I’m mistaken.

About the hitmarkers, I’m fine with them (if they’re not too visually obtrusive) as long as, in the case of explosions and grenades, only the kill hitmarker is shown (wich seems to be the case).

Honestly I really don’t like the kill hitmarker sound very much, it reminds me too much of the “sweaty” H5 style and again it seems like there’s too much redundant information being fed to the player at once. Just a visual indicator seems plenty additional information without bordering on excessively “generic shooter dopamine reward” to me.

Anyways that pretty much sums up my opinions and impressions about the new hud, what do you think?

Will answer from this account since I used the wrong one for the first post

Personally I am hoping that the classic medal colors return.

We actually haven’t seen much of the hud yet so this is a part I’m extremely excited to see