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**** my last post was removed by a monitor for not being constructive, though this is 100% constructive criticism, they removed my post simply because they didn’t like it not that I didn’t violate a rule they don’t know the definition they preach****

why did we get a copy paste game of halo 5? with way too long of a kill time to the only dmr (VK78 commando) in game being the worst gun in game, the sidekick pistol is probably the most used gun in game. the kill times need to be reduced, the guns need a massive buff. if I wanted to play halo 5 I would’ve bought that game, being that halo 5 was arguably the worst halo to be released the decided to copy it. 343 FIX THIS GAME DONT LEAVE US BEHIND LIKE YOU LEFT HALO WARS 2 that game was never fixed tons of issues and not balanced, 343 takes the halo name and uses it like toilet paper.


Halo 5 multiplayer was amazing.
The pistol is not the most used gun at all…I drop it every time and I mean every time and always keep my AR.
TTK I won’t comment on whatever the devs/community want is fine by me.
but again…Halo 5’s multiplayer was greatness

just because you dont use it does not mean its not the most used, i use it and everyone i fight use it