General gameplay

The spawns need fixing spawns are scattered in team based game modes I’m spawning with my enemy team more than friendlies

So i feel like the Wasp is a bit Op on high power, I can suggest 2 fixes 1. nerf the wasp 2. add more weapons that can damage it onto the map easily ex. skewer, shock rifle etc.

The only other thing i can suggest as far as making the game better is either giving equipment more charges except active camo and overshield or making all equipment pickups infnite use, but not oversheild or active camo. Oversheild and active camo are fine as they are they should remain single use items, but maybe allowing us to carry one of them along with eqiupment.

Yeah spawns feel a bit …off

I swear it spawns me further away from my teammates than it should.

spawn time also feels a bit high as well.