General Feedback from technical preview


This is just general feedback I had since the technical preview. I know its kinda late, but just wanted to share my thoughts (since I never received a survey). They cover what I would like to see improved on.

  • The academy is a great addition to try out new weapons. The only thing I would add is the ability to have like a sandbox type map added, where you can easily switch between weapons without leaving to the menu and to try them out in different scenarios without a time limit. They should even let you try out different equipment and grenades. - The AI where a great addition to the game. It would be nice to have a way to preview the AI voices in the customization menu, that way you don’t spend a match on a voice you don’t like - Being able to see the weekly and daily challenges your working while on a match. That way you wont forget what you need to work on. - Make your teammate and enemies highlights more pronounced. I like how each character keeps their customization colors during a match, and instead had a surrounding highlight that showed if it was friend or foe or even a fireteam member. But I suffer from color vision deficiency and sometimes had a hard time seeing when I am looking at a teammate or an enemy. I know they are color options you can change, (which I was messing around with) but I felt the highlight was a little too thin sometimes and would be harder to see depending on the colors of the armor. So a way to adjust the brightness of the highlight, or thickness of it it would help someone like me greatly. - Spartan bots AI need to be a bit better. I noticed the difference between ODST and Marine bots, but didn’t feel like Spartan bots where any better than ODST. Hopefully they improve a bit more for release. - Add more daily challenges or a way to swap them (don’t remember if they added that function at the end)
    This next section is just ramblings

  • The gravity hammer I felt needed more “oomph”. It felt a bit weak, compared to the hammer in other games, it did feel like a giant hammer hitting the ground, this hammer felt like a bat being waved at the air. - I don’t know if it will change in release, but it wasn’t really explained how someone would earn credits, or how certain items are earned. For example in the customization menu, I would see some items would show that they where bought in store, and others thru the battle pass. But some where locked with no explanation as to how to unlock it. Don’t know if it will be changed later. - I felt like the camo was to powerful. I liked how in previous games, the camo would also mess with the motion trackers of everyone around them. I felt that it alerted the other team that someone has a camo on and should be careful. They can still sneak up on you, but at least you kinda expect it. This brings up another subject - The motion tracker. I have read other posts about how they like the change, and others how they hate it. I still haven’t decided how I feel about it. On one hand, since it only works when sprinting, it forces players to walk so they wont show up on radar. At the same time, the motion tracker has been a central part of Halo since the beginning. Some people have defended the change with “look at the game not the motion tracker” but it all honesty its not like people spend the whole time looking only at the radar. It was just a supplementary tool that gave more information for the battlefield. I feel like if someone is sprinting, the motion tracker should pick them up from farther away, but if the opponent is walking, it should pick them up when they are closer to your vicinity. In previous games your radar would also show if the enemy was above or below you. Again, this information should be given to you if the enemy is sprinting, but if they are walking, you would only see the enemy on your radar, but not if they are above or below you. This way sprinting has a negative effect of giving more information to your enemy from a farther distance, while walking would only give minimal information to the enemy at closer distances. Overall, I really enjoyed my time with the technical preview. I loved the sound and visual design of the game, liked the new weapons they introduced, and enjoyed the way equipment worked. Can’t wait to play the game on December 8th! Thank you for reading