General feedback after the first few days

Just going to summarise where i think the main issues are:

Gunplay - i’ve played every halo and i think for me personally the system of ads in Halo 5 was far suited to my style so i do feel less competitive, however the gunplay still feels clunky, damage is inconsistent and some weapons straight up don’t have an effective use to justify dropping the starting loadout. Also as a console player obviously i would be more used to the sort of slight aim assist that makes using a controller viable in the first place, however it seems like there is none there at all.

Progression - Read the forums, everyones saying the same thing.

Content behind paywall - now yes dont get me wrong, the multiplayer component of this game is entirely free to play, and full disclosure, i’ve bought the battle pass, but finally having some decent customization options and them being put behind a $20 price tag in some places seems like a slap in the face to most people and others simply wont be excited anymore. I’m not for one second suggesting that customization to be completely free, but looking at the battle pass there is very very very little for people who dont buy it to enjoy, which is a shame. At least some earn-able armours or something to keep people wanting to play that extra game just so they can achieve something where there currently is nothing to achieve.

Those are just my thoughts, nothing else, but i’m glad theres a big discussion around these issues happening, i’ve never wanted to see a halo fail, and in any case i’ll still play it whilst i’m still interested.

Thanks for reading.

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