General Feedback after 10 hours of play

So here’s my feedback from the 10 hours invested in this flight. First off is the pistol. LOVE the new design but it seems like Mouse and Keyboard users will always hold an edge. In my firefights I’ll get 3 or 4 shots off before the Mouse player will empty his mag and win the fight. Second thing I notices is melee seems very inconsistent. Sometimes I’ll take 2 or even 3 hits to down someone while I’ve been killed by one good hit from full shields. It also seems like some players have figured out how to melee faster. Multiple times I’ve had 2 or even 3 teammates killed from melee before I can even turn around then getting hit once or twice to finish up a 4 kill kill feed from melee alone. Next is the ghost which is near indestructible while the warthog is totaled in 2 grenades. Vehicles either need to be strengthened up or the ghost needs to be toned down. My last critique would need to be matchmaking. In my 10 hour play I won a total of 1 match. It seems like my team is always outmatched and not by a small number. The closest loss I’ve had was by double my teams score in the Social Arena. In BTB my team regularly loses with a whopping 1 point earned. I think the matchmaking could be balanced way better than it is currently. Overall my experience was fun but disheartening with the mounting losses.