General clan question

My clan beat another clan battle on halo 4 today, and they were pretty salty over it.
Later on I offered the clan members to join my clamor start an alliance. The leader invited me to a party a couple of hours later, threatened to hack me because he had enough of people taking his members away, and told me my clan wasn’t an actual clan.

I was all good up until he said “your clan isn’t a real clan, it’s just a pose.”
He said my “pose” isn’t a clan until you reach 150 members.
Is there some official thing saying a group can’t be called a clan until you actually have 150 members?
I have about 17 members in my clan, who are all very happy. I created my clan about a year and a half ago.

Back when halo 2 was out most clans would be between 4 to 8 players. So no, that guy is an idiot.

First, hacking is a Federal offense which results in real fines and real prison time. I’d suggest you let your parents know he made the threat (if you’re a minor) so they can notify your local authorities and your ISP of the issue. His gamer tag and user name should also be reported through proper channels to Microsoft and 343. If you’re an adult, 18 or older, or otherwise emancipated and considered an adult in your jurisdiction, you should do the same. Hackers can be caught through digital forensic analysis and I firmly believe they should be caught, tried, and sent to prison for a very long time.

Next, clans aren’t defined by member count just like deserts aren’t defined by temperature. the world’s largest desert is Antarctica. (Deserts are defined by amount of LIQUID precipitation fall in a year, melt the snow fall in Antarctica to liquid form, it’s a desert.)

Clans are generally characterized by competitive play as opposed to casual play or playing for fun. Clans are formed in order to play to win. Clans typically require a minimum KD ratio, minimum positive spread, and a minimum number of hours you have to spend in game each week with the clan practicing.

Clans also typically require knowing call outs, weapon spawns (where applicable), and any other relevant map info from memory.

In addition, clans usually require changing gamer tags to adding a clan prefix to the gamer tag, changing a person’s call out, armor, colors, and emblem. Some clans forbid belonging to any other clan.

Next, some clans require trying out / auditioning, and then going through a familiarization period.

THOSE things are what typically define a clan. If you do those things, you’re a clan whether you have ten or one hundred members.

There is no official number to qualified as a clan. Shoot, most clans that claim to have 150 members are fibbing through their teeth. Long story short, that guy was just mad.

Back in the old days you had a clan if you had 4 people. Numbers do not define anything, don’t worry about it, he’s just a sore loser.

I would not be concerned with that threat, most kiddies out there threat to hack people and never do it.

As for the hate itself, you shouldn’t be surprised that you are getting this from your opponent. Some clans out there get butthurt for loosing.