General Changes & Suggestions

Usually I don’t post on any forums but I feel the need to voice my opinion on the below changes and suggestions I feel the game needs/would like.

Ship master

Un-nerf teleport both distance and cool down timer and shorten the cool down on displacement to 3 minutes(Ship Masters only advantage is mobility why lessen that for him?)

You should be able to shut down tactical gateway early if needed like how you activated a bridge etc

Personally I would love Brutes to be replaced with the enforcers(It always just feels wrong building the space monkeys as ship master)

Un-Nerf Raid, Like Cutters the nerf wasn’t necessary and makes me even less unlikely to ever choose it over other powers.


As other people have suggested the grunt goblin’s Y ability needs a Nerf/Change.
If its going to make units invincible(and the description says GRUNT units not all units and buildings) its shouldn’t heal everything to full health(with the 3 goblins at once)


Un-Nerf Raid, Seeing as how it was the only clear advantage he has going for him, especially in the early game…


Bison needs to have less health and shield especially when tiers 1&2, it takes way too long to kill it even with a whole army attacking it.

Reduce how fast artillery/siege turrets freeze units, especially seeing as how the fire rate and velocity has been increased of the shots.


  • Vultures Phoenix missile needs a nerf, It does way too much damage to bases.
    If they get within sight on your base you no longer have a base(which is unavoidable on some maps)

  • Glitches We all know about Johnson’s invisible bunkers but I also encountered an invincible scarab in a match. After its shield,bulwark and unbreakable wore off it stopped taking damage despite 2 entire armies attacking it…Only seen it once so far…

And the visual glitch with the Honor guard walking at full speed instead of running has been there since day 1!

  • All Hero Units should be locked as a tier 2 unit seeing as how there is clear advantages to using some hero units over others, Some leaders just don’t have efficient counters at tier 1.
    I feel the game has only gotten worse since the leader meta by making only a few leaders viable and hero units should have their build time doubled or even tripled seeing as how long it can take to kill one(especially if it has veterency), its just absurd to then have them return in 30 seconds.

  • All units locked behind a leader point should just be a tier 2 unit, It just feels like you’re getting robbed of a leader power especially for the leaders that could use an additional offensive power.

  • Seasons need to be increased in length to at least 2 Months and reduce the amount of qualifying matches at the start , 10 is too many(5 would be better).
    -For the love of God improve stability, The connection(and frame rate) gets worse with every leader released(which admittedly usually gets partially fixed after the following update ) and now that the penalty for De-syncing/losing connection to the server has been increased(and I swear it only ever happens as you’re about to win a match) it is even more frustrating.

And Finally there needs to be a leader limit of 1 per team, facing doubles or triples of any leader can be problematic. Not just because of the Hero units themselves but the leader powers(I assume you’ve all seen multiple “Please Don’t shoot me” done by now).

Probably several other things that need changing that I haven’t listed…I Primarily play 2v2’s and have liked Ship Master since launch.
Just not motivated to play 1v1’s…(only actually played 1 1v1 match on HW2)